A Poem that Listens

If a poem had ears,

What would it hear?


Would it hear those unforgettable words of encouragement from those who have now passed

on how successful you’ll be if you keep it up and stay on the right path?


Would it hear your parent’s inner thoughts and emotions

towards you that you never knew since that type of language isn’t open?


Or maybe even the braggadocious cliche,

“That’s my baby!!!! Fuck all y’all stupid ass kids,” as you walk across the stage?


If a poem had ears,

What would it hear?


Would it live long enough to hear Blue Ivy sing?

Or the comments about Drake if he were to buy Rihanna a ring?


Would it hear Kanye winning the election while sitting on a $20,000 recliner?

But more importantly...would it be able to hear...the difference between Future...and Desiigner?

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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