A Poem for Him

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 23:30 -- Yanna1


The way he looks into my eyes,

When we touch I feel butterflies.

My heart sinks when we don't talk,

I really miss the way he walks.


I really miss the way you smile,

Felt like my heart was running miles.

I miss the way he used to hold me,

Felt like a teenager on the TV.


I want to know the feel of his lips,

Just the thought makes my mind do flips.

I think about him all the time,

He's the only thing that's on my mind.


I love the sound of his voice in my ear,

Wish I could lock it up as a souvenir.

I love our all day conversations,

Wish I couls give him confrontation.


About how much I feel for him,

His love sinks deep into my skin.

I miss you so much, so please come back,

Before my red, warm heart turns cold and black.



  .I Loved It.   

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