How do you know you’ve found a great friend?

Day One was easy, introductions were smooth

You’ve found someone who is easy to talk to

You’ve found someone who is easy to trust

They make you laugh on the hard days

They can always seem to tell when you are feeling down

They share with you their dreams

They share with you their thoughts

They listen

They care

They reach out to you

They aren’t afraid to be honest

They are truly sincere

They are amazingly cool

They always seem to know the right thing to say

They like you just the way you are

They laugh at your jokes when they’re obviously not funny

You do the same for them

They support your dreams and are always asking how you are

Someone you’re not afraid to talk to about your problems

Someone who understands you

Someone you understand

Someone who shares your interest

Someone who shares your heart for God

When you hear their voice you almost can’t help but smile

You can pass by a whole hour in what seems like minutes talking to them

Someone who will do dumb things with you

You aren’t afraid to be weird around them

When something awesome happens you want to tell them

When something awful happens you want their advice

You want to talk to them as often as possible

You want to know how their day went and how their life is going

They are fun to be around

You can easily and openly share your life goals and passions

You can share your fears

You can share your worst days and your best

You can share stories about your crazy family and not be embarrassed

A friend

A good friend

A truly amazing friend is a person you can never forget

Even if you’re horrible with names theirs seems to come extremely easily

A friend you never want to loose

Someone you can see God has placed in your path and isn’t planning on taking away any time soon

Someone you can easily share your gifts and talents with

And truly appreciate what you’ve created

They encourage you

You encourage them

You are always thankful for them

But sometimes we forget to tell them Thank You

Through this gift I have been blessed with I Thank you

A friend

A true friend

For however short a time,

I know I’ve found a friend

Thank you for listening

Thank you for taking your free time to talk to me

Thank you for laughing with me

Cheering me up

Talking to me

And sharing Your experiences with me

Thanks for sharing your likes and dislikes

For what you want to do with your life

Thank you for being a friend

I know it hasn’t been very long but it feels like I’ve known you for a much longer time then most of my friends

I thank God for putting such a friend in my life every chance I get

This my poem

My poem for a friend

My poem for a special friend

A poem for you






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