A Poem for Drake

Tell me something Drake
You put your heart on your sleeves
I can hear the pain in your music
Hurt in your voice,
 our emotions In sync,
I've pre ordered your next Album,
do you believe in fate?
That everything in our life in destined, no question
Or are you a man of choice?
A believer in individual choices, those determine our actions?
When you were young, did you ever think
You would be where you are today?
Your background complex,
But you live your life simply
You want to find your love, 
You want her to hold on, 
To finally go home with you
because your done searching,
finished wasting time, 
We all are given a chance to make our lives the best
and turn it into something bigger than ourselves
It was 2009,  "Best I Ever Had" was on the radio,
 your voice had me in a trance,
 I was overcome with a sense in my core that you were the one, 
Its a funny thing,  but was it really love?
Your voice had me at "Best," you were the best I'd ever heard,
The day we'd meet would live up to the word unforgettable. 
In life we just know how things will play out,
and who will be there to play.
Its always been you, It'll always be you
Drake mi amor


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