Poem of a Crippled Joy

There lived a wife so cold

And a wealthy wife was she

In the house I gave to thee.

She barred my last name Joy

Once a woman of powerful prowess;

Now a woman of gentle cowardice.


We once had a love that rivaled all

We now struggle to talk at all

We used to hug and kiss

We currently frown and hiss

What ever happened to my Joy


I wish when I proposed;

You had disposed my love

That you’ve built, destroyed, forgotten

Our once impenetrable intimacy

All that’s left is fading Joy


Once the gunfire started

Our hearts became parted

I for a road I thought meant love

Your’s a road of the forgotten

How does it feel,

Rotting and helping decay our Joy


There lived a wife so cold

And she left her man to die

In the house, I gave myself to another

She didn’t bare my last name Joy.

Once I cared for my dear

Now I don’t care for my Serena

Now a woman who left our Joy to die.



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