This poem became a letter to you.

Everyday dealing with you is like dealing with greif,How did our marriage amount to this?One thing I can say is that you got way to comfortable.If you thought I was a hoe, why you pick me in the first place?If you thought I was inconsistent why did you stay?The truth is that you knew you had a cognitive disease, A manipulating way to who you really were,Your a compulsive liar, a narcissist,Want to be confrontational, attention seeker whore, Making up your own fairytale stories,Then this poem became a letter of you,When I think of all I've done, no recognition,Friends I've slowly lost,I ask why do I continue to allow me self to go through this?When in deed, I can't keep going?I can't seem to let you go, Then you don't let me rise,It continues to evaporate into cycles. Dear you!! I should expose you,I really and sincerely won't allow myself through this again,We are not a congruous fit,The harmony is now like a grieving person listening to the Organ,I cover up you patterns, by saying oh he means no harm,Then you pull the trigger and it tears away my heart,I cannot be a subject of disbelief,Just stay away so I can finally breathe!This poem then became a letter to you.

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