Poem about Anxiety

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 10:03 -- RissaD

It comes and goes...I’m finding it’s different every time.Sometimes it’s short and simple,Easy to reverse.Sometimes it’s overbearing and weightful,Suffocating and hateful.Most times I feel it creeping in again…But the times that I don’t…”Oh! Hi, you’re here again.”I can’t breathe…This is painful…Can someone grab my hand and pull me out??I’m drowning in doubt.Watching everything flash before my eyes…Like I’m standing on the outside...Like that’s not MY life!!I’ve lost all control.Why does it feel like the world hates me?“Just breathe…” I’m shaking.I can feel my heart racing.Take a minute,Step back…Pull yourself out.There’s no medication to fixing self doubt.The world around me keeps moving…His hold is so soothing.“Oh, your heart rate has settled down?”“What about that sound?”“Are the kids crying in the next room?”“Did you hear someone call you?”“Did someone knock on the front door?”“No, that’s just me doing more!”Will I ever fall asleep tonight?Should I try to count all night?Maybe I’ll turn the tv back on…Or maybe I’ll find a calming song…Or maybe I’ll rearrange the room…Sing myself a little tune…Think and think,More and more…“ugh did I just hear the door?”Get up,Lay down,Repeat until I’m sure it’s nothing.Wake up to my alarm and I’m wondering…When did I fall asleep?

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