Poem 7


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If I wrote the story of us I'd never stop writing even though the chapters ended because you never once stopped crossing my mind and I've created a life with you inside my dreams and that story will go on and on until one day science catches up with reality and they realize diseases suck but heart ache is curable and we'll all live fancy lives in big cars because you won't have a feeling in the world when you're sitting there on your stairs and he's driving away or she's driving away and then we will all move on

The story will go on until there's a sleep study so accurate that a man by the name of Wilfred Cosmo will see the light bulb go off over his head and then he will scream in delight that he can control dreams and the story will go on until the day they bury me in these woods because I have a terrible case of heart break and need to be kept alone

But it's okay Because I do it all for you and even if you'd offer me a piece of your life I'd take it because now I have none and I should have kept what I had but it's okay


My poems sloppy much like the feelings I have and everything always ends up the same it's okay I'm okay and move on If I wrote the story of us I'd still be writing so I'm handing the pen to you in hopes that you'll write it too


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