Poem 6

I can feel you slipping away,

You’re words once so sweet are fading away,

The tales of forever

What’s forever?

Remain stories

Thanks for all of those nights, I stayed up and held you tight

I should have noticed the signs, there is no fixing it this time

How many times can we say I love you before it’s a fight?

I’ve never felt so through, but I can’t fight the feeling of loving you

They said heart break isn’t a game

Mama said this love was a phase

Never listened to the stories, I thought about me and you and never worried

Now if you ask me about love I’ll tell you to listen to everyone and run

I’ll tell you fight the fight before it’s done

I’ll tell you, you don’t know pain, and how love isn’t a game

I’ll tell you how it felt to die, how it felt to lose him

That night

I can feel the space in our bed

I can see you, running ahead

I stopped counting the times you pushed my hand away

And how dumb of me to never notice how you ignored my lips?

Who is the other girl underneath your fingertips?

Should have listened to mama

Love isn’t a game

Take this knife from my heart, I’m tired of feeling locked in the dark

How can someone who used to be so light

Switch off and be the cause of the fight

Thanks for never telling me bye, your letter didn’t cut it this time

I wish I would have told you we were threw, before you even got the chance to say

I love you.

Now I’m sitting in a world of pain

Let me be a sign to everyone, that the stories were a lie.

How many times can you tell yourself it’s over

Before you realize that he’s never coming back?

How many times can you question your acts?

Before you realize, that there was no way to change the plan

I can’t listen to another, “it’s not you it’s me”

I feel like I’m stuck in a maze

Where is my prince charming?

Where is my ever after?

I guess I never started with once upon a time

And nothing will ever be as they say

So here is reality

Stories are stories, don’t try to live them, you’ll be caught in a lie

Love is a sickness, a deathful disease

And overthinking is the truth, coming at you in all the wrong ways


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