Poem 5


United States
33° 36' 39.8232" N, 112° 13' 56.7876" W

I seen him for the first time; in a dream

Hair long

Matching the leaves.

His eyes were pain strucken,

And slightly green.

Who was he.

I wondered this, as he looked at me

Who is he, guy with endless eyes.

Who is he, boy with a childish smile.

And who is he, approaching me.

These are some of the things i thought,

When he looked at me.

My heart stopped one beat.




Beating like a drum, i wondered if he heard my hearts song?

My hair the color of the trees

My eyes the color of the sky

I wondered what he saw

As he looked at me?

Girl with a sad smile

Shoulders; slightly slumped.

A twinkle in her eye, and a mind saying

You can survive,

And i wondered what he saw

As he looked at me

But he kept on glancing,

Until my dream made me leave.

Now my heart is breaking,

Is this going to leave?

My heart shattered to the floor


Dreams are never reality.



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