Plight of the African American Women

The media despises us, does not recognize us

Dehumanizes us, covers up and disguises us.

We seem to symbolize lust, with our large butts and huge bust.

Our “unconquerable attitude” only leaves us with distrust.


Known for our outstanding lividity,

Incapable of tender sensitivity,

But when we demand respect,

All we get is cold neglect.


 We’re praised when we do erotic dance moves,

They love it when we have bad attitudes.

But when we’re upstanding and upright

The media keeps us out of sight.


They don’t like it when we’re smarter,

Hate it when we work harder.

Maximize our ignorance

To minimize our common sense.


To you, our faces are unattractive, our hair too curly.

We're lazy, inactive and our ways are too worldly.

Although our love builds nations, our hearts saves souls,

We change generations with our plans and goals.


Maya and Angela were incredible thinkers,

But the world only sees us as chronic drinkers.

Music video vixens and reality show stars,

Speak for all Black women: both near and far.


Fight more than think, throw objects and scream,

Not shown as graceful or full of great dreams.

Yet, we continue to prove others wrong,

Because we’re creative, beautiful and strong.


Whatever the world will throw our way,

We know the problem will not stay.

Born to be seen, bred to be heard,

Fighting principalities with our spoken word.


I ask you to love us as you love your daughters,

Although our hair is shorter and their noses are smaller.

Because we will keep giving you reasons why,

Black women’s limit surpass moon and sky.



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