Please Open Excited Minds


i was just a little kid with a small mind though

always moving fast, things needs to happen pronto

ideas racing like mom are you proud of me

i wrote this poem in class for mothers day 

so you’d be fond of me

boy oh boy that was years ago

like the 5th grade things were moving kind of slow

like what was my passion what would i do

had the same problem when high school ended too

but then i started rapping and writing

shel silverstein kind of gave me some guidance

man poems were fun to read, even more fun when you wrote them

a rap, a poem, a lyrical piece. man its really all the same 

but whats the matter with me

why did i write, why did i want this

back when my mind was a deep pit

i needed an outlet, i hope that doesn’t shock you

from the brain to the pen to the paper to the world

a tied up mind finally uncurled

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