Please Don't Leave Me

People come and go.
Sometimes people come back and they stay. But even when or if they find their way back things are never the way they used to be.
My biggest fear is losing people always has always will be.
Because when you lose someone you don’t just lose them you lose memories.
You lose trust.
You lose safety.
You lose a piece of yourself.
You lose a connection that you put in place from the beginning.
Please tell me how you get that back!
Please tell me how you move forward!
Please tell me how you function with the inconsistencies!
All the coming and going.
I hate it!
I loathe it!
That’s why when I leave I don’t ever come back.
Whatever is left undone or unsaid remains left in my past.
Bc sometimes when you lose something you can’t get it back.
So how do I deal with my fear?
I don’t.
I can’t.
How can you deal with something you can’t control.
You can’t.
I try I always tried to fight for people to stay.
Because the fear of not having someone to talk too.
Having someone to hold you.
Having someone to love you.
Scares me more than death its self.
That is why I fight so hard to make people happy.
That’s why I try so hard to make people feel important.
That’s why I try so hard to make people feel like they need me.
I hope that one day I can control the anxiety, the fear of the unknown.
I hope that one day I can be free.



This poem is about: 
My family


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