please do not smoke


a pregnant woman

subjecting tobacco to a life that is beginning to form

you inhale dark cloud that smothers no breathing room to your newborn

you exhale possibilities of your child becoming retarded,

down's syndrome that disfigures a child without reason

what do you care

the sad part about it

is that you have women who are medically unable to have kids 

and this is how you honor yourself

by killing a life

you enjoying every puff blown in the air 

you enticing the love of that nicotine that blinds your child without opening up innocent eyes

you block all of the child's senses

what do you care

you busy smoking and sharing sob stories about why you are endlessly broke

begging for a dude to give you money

i shake my head with disbelief

side to side in undeniable disgust

although i'm not his father

trust me i'm not (dna will prove that)

it saddens me to see you killing a life and the child doesn't know why

so please do not smoke


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