//Please Be Literal

Oh the hundreds of writings I’ve read

They seem to mean something that’s not in my head

Why am I so lost?



Why am I not saying anything?

Some method I didn’t call

Is causing my tears to fall

Who just erased my code?


The horrid frustration, the tears

They’ve lasted through all the years

Why is this so hard?



This is something I should have known!

Can not compute.

Can not compile.

Did I not declare a variable?


Of course, dear, you’ll get it someday.

I think I hear sarcasm in the words they don’t say.

Will I ever understand?


boolean iDontKnow = true;

What it means to say one’s bleeding blue.



Cannot find symbol – variable figurative


I’m a blank page when it comes to metaphors.

I don’t understand what the connections are for.

Why is it so unclear?


String relationshipIsWhat;

I can’t even ask my gut.

John is being friendly.

No, John is being supportive.

Why can’t I feel anything?


She passed by Relationship, whom she saw now and then.

Frosty or indifferent? They kept their distance to the end.

Why can’t it be said straight out?


String[] = {“What”, “Does”, “This”, “Represent”, “?”};

I can’t even tell you what that symbol meant.

river != river;

bird != bird;

What does that even mean?


The cold cardboard box lay in a corner, empty.

It shed a tear, for full was what it wished to be.

Why are there even symbols?


public String meaning()




Missing return statement!

C-can-Can’t Compyoooooooot.




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