Please stop
The helpless child cried
Far away from where help can be rendered
They tore his clothes punched his face
All because he was a weakling

Please stop you are hurting me
The helpless child cried
A poor, helpless boy dipped into mixed concrete for 3 hours
Hard as a rock the concrete started eating up the boy
When they realized what they have done it was too late

Please stop i feel pain
Was his last word
The poor boy crossed into the twilight
Oh! Death this child has parents
A bright sun came down at mayday

Please stop oh ye bully
What do you stand to gain
All because you feel inferior
You picked on him till the point of death

Please stop mr bully
Direct your energy to something else
Oh! Bully remember this what goes up will surely come down this is karma
You might not suffer the consequences of your actions now but you'll never escape it

Please! Stop the boy cried but you find joy in destroying your mates life

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