plead no more for mercy

i am your servant now not forever a robot you may push around and an eye blindfolded in the night of your ways. I am your servant turn me round a turning point you may leave me for wind to bear or storm to wear away at the pinch of its steady blows like hammar upon my bones and flesh turn me north or south from where comes drought or rain turn me right or left where i may run between life and death. Turn me round a yawning circle all i am may be the song you sing without melody but echoes of bitter things at the beat of my heart turn me turn me if that is not enough leave me then upon the yawning earth where i may yawn for water of life i may not have without drowning in tears and pain. Sow my eyes in grief and harvest my heavy heart. Turn me in the tide cruel and gurgling and leave me in stormy clouds to stumble and fall without the ground to hold my feet turn me round turn me back where life like death is hard to live if that is what you wish turn me round a turning point of life for better or worse if that is how you will have a lovely story to tell.


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