In this natural world, our home

We destructively have roamed,

Killing wildlife and people

Burning towns and building steeples.


"We've come so far!"

We shout and cry

As people all around us die.

Have you even looked at where we are?


Yes, we've built cities...

On the bones of people we've burned.

Yes, we've created economies

But we are not eco-friendly.


Yes, our production is all running smooth

But do you not see this planet we'll lose

If we keep making plastic 

It's not so fantastic


When corals are dried

and our forests fried.

When plastic is weaponized,

God, do you hear our cries?


Please hear our plea

For there's no planet B. 

We don't want to leave

But will we ever be free


Of this chemically toxic,

beautifully exotic, 

utterly psychotic




This poem is about: 
Our world


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