Wed, 02/20/2019 - 22:25 -- taren07

i am feeling dull

all this vulnerability in search for a place

that feeling you can’t replace

when someone cares what you have to say

or checks up on you day to day

makes me feel warm

i am ice cold

parents ignoring what i have told

stories of my emotions getting twisted

why can’t you listen

they do care they promised me

but all the others don’t see

the lack of basic belonging

and feeling of understanding

ah but don’t worry!

there’s this guy

he texts me in a hurry

he’s definitely not shy

he wants to know more about me

he gives me this feeling

that i have been missing all along

but don’t think too much of it

because it will all come crashing

it won’t last too long

he’s my perfect fit!

don’t think too highly

you idiot

expect nothing

be careful

your heart isn’t so easy for the taking

but he makes me feel complete

but you must delete

any feeling like this

because it can miss

people act

people fake

it’s a fact

he’s just a heartache

I was right

You should’ve listened to me

Now he’s constantly in your sight

You won’t leave him be

He just didn’t like you

I knew it was true

Never let them close

They just pose

To get what they want

So never give anyone what they want

Always stay cold and numb

Just so you can be done

With all this hurt inside your heart

He played you

It was his part

What should I do?

Cut him off

You never felt for him

You aren’t soft

You’re heart was always dim

Never letting any light in

Because when the light comes

You will fall in love

And you’re only letting it in

When you can win.



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