Play me a melody to fall in love

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 21:18 -- SamG23

I heard you play the piano
I was wandering about the halls
waiting til classes started
and I came across you
sitting there
in the band room
your fingers
roaming so gracefully
upon them piano keys
it sounded as though
you were pouring out your soul
with every single note
oh how beatiful it sounded
what a lovely melody
I think I fell you
I was to shy
to even say hello
but I wanted to
oh so badly
"won't you play me a melody to fall in love?"
I contemplate now
how I can make you fall for me?
what charms do I carry about?
oh how I'm wondering
maybe if I sing a song
of how I first came upon
you and that special melody
will you fall in love with me?
grab my guitar
start strumming suddenly
feel your hand atop of mine
you stare my eyes
a wide smile
"Play me a fall in love."


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