Platonic Antiquity


United States
43° 33' 5.9652" N, 116° 17' 55.644" W

Hearts of fire and eyes of icy gaze
Bask blithely in thy branded bitter guise.
Glower gently, for thou durst not shall faze,
Myne own love hath made twice bitter allies.

Can thou not see of thy own mockery?
Scorning me with a tender lover’s doom!
Thou hath no opponent in thy beauty,
Am I the fool of which did to assume?

Oh lark! Oh misery! What is this pain?
Embers razed and my gut cleaved in two;
Thou chose another, whilst I did abstain.
Will I never be let to cherish you?

I impart from thou now, never to go,
Upon that road of platonic sorrow.


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