The Planet Of Hate

creatures with zombie type features in are underground
long hanging viscious fangs dripping blood off side of mouth
there flesh is of overt vexation of pivotal excess seeking self to please
they can't help you cause they can't even help themselves
evil mind that plunge into sore vexation dauntless & spineless
heartless minds darkened stench of manure as there carcasses rot
vulture plunge with maggot infested feces in the extremities
darkened spots having holes with narrow minded thinking
blind leaders of the blinded who will soon fall into a ditch
can't help you cause they can't help even themselves
come to kill, steal & destroy as there chief dead end aim & ploy
the smell of menure in piles of sewage through there deranged portals
vanity of vanities all is vanity for this is the one you worshipped.
the false god of sin, self & Satan
ready for the eternal over of affliction
spots with eyes having holes bridge the gap in Hell
falling creatures in a desire for blood masked in superficial pain
the mentally insane filled with ellusive torment of money whore mongers wasted
blood stained ceiling with an audience of deep habitation of darkened caverns with dungeons...
alone you will be silence with the forever memory of vain oblations
the cavity of neglect frozen in your feeble minded mutant brain
lest I refrain another door then the one the leads to hate...
bitch, pout & complain
idol fantasy of chosen damaged convenience that leads to your death
the gloom of frozen embodiment of pulsating screams throughout duration
come up for air only to be silenced once more lest I implore
running to & fro in circles marked on a blotted page yet not clearly intact
working to hard can give you a heart attack
onto the climax of 666 with a twist of haunted vile memories of helter skelter
yet this is the path you have chosen welcome to Hell's door !

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