Placid Places


Shrills of laughter embedded in the atmosphere,

swirling clouds of music raining symphonies among us.

River brooks streaming poetic words tickling our toes,

the peaceful serenity of this barren earth,

drowning our worries with its simplicity.


Dark nights twinkling with delicious sugary stars

Warm wind gently humming didactics

Silhouetted trees whispering tales with their rustling branches

Dripping galaxies stain our tongues with their cosmic sourness

Summer dusk dancing with our laughter


Snowy skies twirling with icy cheers

frozen grounds crunching with rhythm

Dripping icicles decorating the world with winter

Pine trees kissing our noses with sharp sappy sweetness

Winter wonders trickling frozen flakes of icy beauty.


Buding flowers bursting into majestic heaps of color,

green grass waving invitations of company

The smiling sun radiating joy on our squinted faces.

Naked feet patting the cool rocky dirt

Spring sonnets sprouting with before our eyes.


Yellowing leaves colliding together in their fall

Crunchy winds rustle the dying beauties

Pumpkins picked to be carved with glowing faces

Squashes sit awaiting the toasty oven

Autumn emitting flavors seasoned with crumbled leaves.


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Our world
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