Places and Food

Tue, 03/31/2015 - 10:55 -- MLE

Is it not a fascinating concept

How food can taste of places?

Like the way sweet raspberries varying

Both in flavor and firmness

Urge my taste buds to savor those days

When time stretched on forever

And sleep came easily

And my world only existed

As far as the seemingly

Endless rows of berries and grapes

Behind the house I grew to love.


The house that watered me

And provided fertile ground

As I began to grow into

The beautiful weed-like blossom

I am today.

Just like the way my great-grandmother

Hunched over her

Garden day after simple day

And motivated the seeds to

Transform into stalks of

Greens and buds of

Every color.



This poem made me so happy, reminding me of my own sweet summer days with grandparents, takes me back to my own sweet fruit memories.

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