The Place Where Thoughts Grow

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 22:00 -- ylime64

It is a place where nobody speaks
Where shadows are pieces of a midnight moon
Where daylight drops crystals from the sky lit blue
Where letters float in distant space
And nightmares are much more real than you think

It is a place where nobody speaks
Where faces are pictures without any movement
Where people walk by on marionette strings
Where time is just a broken clock
And dreams are not as hard to chase

It is a place where nobody speaks
Yet words are alive and in front of your face
Yet your heart beats faster and beats slow
Yet life and death are just a game
It is a place where only you can go

Have you guessed it?
It is the place where thoughts grow
And pain is placed
Where joy festers yet is not out of place
Where you can retreat when everything is bleak

It is where footsteps begin and end...

Your mind is a very strange thing my friend


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