A Place to Start


Just because I’m serious
Doesn’t mean I don’t laugh,
It doesn’t mean I’m odd
Or i can't do gaffe 


Just because I like being alone
Doesn’t mean I don’t have friends,
It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy
Or all I do is groan


Just because I’m forget full 
Doesn’t mean I don't care,
It doesn’t mean I’m not lovable
Or that I'll never be there


Just because I write poems
Doesn't make me a poet,
It doesn’t mean I’m boring
Or unable to be flamboyant


Just because I'm quiet

Doesn't mean I don't hear you

It doesn't mean I can't speak

Or that I don't have my own point of view


Just because you understand me
Doesn’t make you smart,
It doesn’t mean you know me at all
But gives you a place to start


Just because...




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