A Place Called Home

Traffic lights shining with the beautiful stars,

I feel the warmth of the breeze

The familiar faces that greet me

As enter the place I once called home


I hear the animals call the morning, “Woof ’‘ “Moo!”

The sun,the beautiful sun shining through the day

Awaked to the warm touch of my grandmother,

My feet walk through the warm dirt of the fields.


The waterfall, blue as the sky.

I've been here many times before,

I walk through the park where my childhood was left.


The sweet ice cream, sweet like sugar cane.

My grandmothers tamales, warm at each bite.

I walk through the streets that are like friends.


I stand on top of a hill I enjoy the view,

The hard workers, work there way through the day.

I feel the hot sun rays on my skin.

I Enjoy the feeling of being back home in Mexico city.




Nice poem!!!!


This is Awsome the best poem ever #calums wife

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