Dont get me wrong

i didnt enter this place in a haste

i was still too young

and all she did was to advice me to wait

but like a fingerling in a pond

i never wanted to be used as a bait


i was told up here, the bald bad guys lay in wait for the fragile guys,girls to obtain

this made me maintain my lane all day

even if i was slapped,punched and kicked i wouldnt retaliate

because i never wanted anything that will cut short my name or stay


so because of this i operated under the camourflag of invisibility

you wouldnt see me around

not even in your vicinity

hanging out with friends seemed to me like an impossible impossibility

beacause i know i came here with one motive study hard to get my L.LB and leave



Trust me, along the line things changed

yes,things changed

previously, i was studious but my motive was never the same

when the ladies started calling my name

day after day i drifted away like a lady who just made her hair

escaping from the rain

in all none could  feel my pain



i thought i knew love in secondary school

but up here love was all grown even times two

i would have been able to stay on my own but i never wanted to be called a fool so

i joined the crew of

love chasers

girls handbag

and time wasters



at first it was fun

until i began to fall

then i knew i had to stop withdrawing from this ATM of lust

some pals tried to rescue me ,but they couldnt cos i was lost

i couldnt even recognise myself ,

i coulnt even trace my steps back to the cross

and this inward conviction convinced me like a false boss

to neglect the cross and cross

the road was wide and broad that you wouldnt even hear your name when youre being

called not even by GOD



with days unend

i grew tired of thid end

i wanted all this to end


then i realised i had a great start

i had to chase my start

like the three wise men looking for baby JESUS  through his star


So, i took the map of His salvation and the light of His Word

so i wouldnt fall into any wrong


Then again,

this is not just about me it is about you too

this may have happened

or is happening to you

all you need do is to walk away from the crew

cos JESUS is true.

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