A pizza of my heart

Some say that all they need in life is someone 

to love and cherish forever

To hold tightly in their arms and express their undying love for each other

but, let me explain to you, that's not me

You know everyone has a "type"

mine is just...well unique


Let's see, "he" is a circle but, lives in a square box

yet, when you take a piece 

he becomes a triangle and the first time I laid eyes on "him" 

was at a pizza hut on a Saturday night

Long string cheese, melting off the sides as I had patted off the grease

telling myself that he needs my skin care routine


I take him home with me and his smell was everlasting

Until, you eventually forget about "him" and chuck it in the fridge

I started to feel guilty 

I cheated on him.

With another one that I met at Dominos, Sunday night

what did I do!


But, don't worry 

"his" crust was stale anyways

and all in all

it was just a pizza

The love of my life,

a pizza of my heart.

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