Pittsburgh Neighborhood


Crafton Heights 15108
United States
40° 29' 30.102" N, 80° 11' 55.194" W

Pittsburgh, PA;

Glowing lights.


Broken fights.

This is where I spend my nights.

I'm in for it, Jesus Christ.


You see the colored flags,

the shoes on telephones wires.

A city filled with liars.

Someone's always selling;

someone's always looking.

Cops do the booking.

Wrong place at the wrong time?

That mistake might cost your life.

My life is a screwed as yours,

if not, maybe more.

If you make it out, that's good.

I want to escape this Pittsburgh neighborhood.


Will this place kill me?

It just might.

Many things go bump in the night.

All us kids are filled with fright.

Tenfold are police lines crossed.

Another day, another brother lost.

Every fucking thing comes at a cost.

Ignore the charred bricks and broken wood,

just leave this Pittsburgh neighborhood.


Meth. H.

Prescription pills.

It's all here.

A mischevious crew is always near.

My friend in a gang was almost dead.

Another drive-by;

a man shot in the head.

You have a father?

Good for you. You know him, too?

Oh my God, a miracle at last.

Even the young ones hide a past.

We search through the trash,

desperate for some quick cash.

Happiness does not exist.

Every peoblwm can be solved with a fist.

AIDS, lupus, Hepatitis C.

I come to see what's all around me.

Seeing a gun isn't anything big

and you're a genius if you understand trig.

We're excluded in the question of the greater good,

because no one gives a shit about a shithole Pittsburgh neighborhood.


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