The Pitch.


You might not know what the pitch is.

In fact, no one knows until you get there.

Rugby practice number one, what are you even doing ?

In fact, no one knows until you start.

A bald man tells you to ruck and scrum and maul.

In fact, no one knows he's your coach until he says so.

Three years of blood, and tackles and wins and losses.

In fact, no one knows what it feels like to lose until you do for the first time.

Championships here you come.

In  fact, no one knew what would happen after the game was done.

A loss, a crying session between fifteen girls.

In fact, you all have never felt so close.

You pick yourselves back up and train for next time.

In fact, next time ended with a victory.

The pitch is more than something you step onto.

In fact, you never quite know until you get there.


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