The Pit

That big great swallowing depth of




Falling, slowly.




The feeling that you wil never get past this sorrow in life.

This is what I cannot live without.


Culture says control the feelings, swallow the lies

And be free, feel nothing.

But that is not reality, that is not living.

My life is meant to be lived, lived to the fullest potential

And grow


And stretch and to stand upon my desk

each and every day.

I am not who I was five years ago.

Why? I lived through sadness

And I came out even better than before.

I came out new, I came out stronger,

Most of all, I came out wiser.


Without sadness, I'd be a happy, shriveled husk of a person.

I would have had so much potential but wasted it all

Skimming the surface and not thinking deeply about my life and my purpose.


I still don't see my life through rose-colored glasses

Like Louie said I would.

But when my day was better than the last, I love it more

More so than those lives are shallow and placidly happy.


That dark pit is scary, to be sure.

But it is in that pit that I find the deepest part of myself,

And that part has made all the difference.


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Hope you guys enjoy this!

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