Piss Off


Believe it or not I didn’t wake up thinking of you

I didn’t put on lipstick for you

I didn’t brush my hair for you

I didn’t wear this dress for you

And it’s not an invitation


Don’t tell me I’m asking for it

Don’t tell me I’m pretty

Don’t tell me my butt looks nice

Don’t whistle at me



I can only imagine your lack of intelligence

When you body shame women

tall, large, ugly, short, small, dike, slut, fat, skinny, flat-chested


You wouldn’t whistle if another man were with me

Because it would be offensive


Because I BELONG to him

Like a shoe belongs to my foot.


So don’t look so shocked when I stop in the middle of the street to call you out

For calling me out

“You so fine, red”

“Hey beautiful”

“Smile, sexy”


You chauvinistic ass hole- I woke up thinking of me

I put on lipstick for me

I brushed my hair for me

I wore this dress for me


I owe you nothing- not my time nor conversation

And especially not my body


Piss off.


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