Pink Melodies

Shivering in hot rain

with rosebuds fluttering in your heart

at the tip of your tongue

you taste them


and bitter 

my hand aches for connection

my mind at ease


we’re all singing 

everyone and everything sings

in silent melodies

your shoulder resting next to mine 

laughter sewn into memory

what you feel can go by no name

but the sensation of being carried

through the clouds

into the open arms of pink 

winds kissing your cheeks 

you float 

aimless and nameless 

hoping for nothing receiving 




everything makes you buckle under the weight of

holding up the sky so

the clouds hold you

pink fading into orange 

as the sky sings


and louder

the sky 

begins to fall and you 

with it

falling deep into a dream 

so real you can feel the 

tears on your face and 

the drop of your stomach 

you feel the pink 

seeping into your soul 

the sky still falling 

utterly motionless 

you smile lavender  

petals dropping through 

pink clouds 

you smile. 


Because falling has never felt this good.



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