Pills And Powder

Nothing can really be said that has not already been
But I shall try..
Oceans of raw emotion portrayed, expressed,
undressed and displayed
through different torrential variations and depths of
behold, one of the wicked wishing to be heard,
I wander this world in a state of disarray,
No destination
No eye on any prize,
No future beyond a decade,
its dysphoric and grave yet still I stay..
in'these cold creaking complexities
such old deepening convexities,
lessening me until I am no more,
life through emerald windows
and crimson closed doors,
I can hear the sand slipping through hour by hour,
pills and powder
dismal skies and clouds formed
brain storms striking down..
growing louder,
what could it all mean?
my portrait of omnipotent pulchritude and power,
go ahead and take a breath
i'll be here when'you open your eyes..
but only if you truly left,
traverse the seas of mortal coil
lets shed these shells of flesh,
autumn is crossing worlds and yetm
here you sit on your own,
waiting for the reaper to collect your soul,
anticipating, languishing and waiting all alone,
theres something in'these bones
jagged and jarred loose-what's the use in resisting?
ragged and scarred, recluse
too bruised to go on existing,
my crooked soul's in a constant state of shifting,
moonlit manifolds of madness appear above in the sky,
I see them from the corner of my tired eyes
as'a great cold sadness sours and scolds
the parts of me I keep and hold..
locked away inside..
Pills and powder.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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