Pillows Outside My Sofa

radiation keeps me from drawing nearer...
that inner pulse to regain the coast
that innocent exposure;
sever the impulse feel large
take a hold of its plain'
let me be the first to explain:
balance for power grand desire
love is the essence outside the circumstance
figure that last stay align in the glance

we are the innocent they are the damned
let me be the first for you to understand
today I sleep down on the floor
in a sequence to call back for more
stay behind the eight ball
the game of change the year
to shed a tear when;

the fragrance to begin
the last to fin
circumstance, to take a part of the dance
hot water to change to cold quickly
Tower of Power & Earth Wind & Fire
wait and see;

sit as a charm to embrace each flame
you are caught up in the game let me explain
borrowed basement pews
bit off more then you could ever chew
nestled in the covers of a brand new you
shadows turned new

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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