Pigasus, The Magical Flying Blue Pig

Fri, 04/08/2016 - 15:25 -- nham85

When pigs can fly

They say

They say all sorts of things

They say pigs don't have wings

Impossibilities are everywhere

So imagine when they stand and stare

A pig

With wings

Flying through the air


No one believes their own eyes

They keep thinking  the pig is a lie

Belief, they won't even try

No challenging perceptions tonight


"It's a prank, April fools is today"

It's April twelfth

"It's not pink, it's blue, so fake"

Pigs aren't all the same

"That's a guy on its back, clearly it's a joke"

I wave from the saddle to all the folks below


They can't tell it's me

To high up for them to see

On this pig they will never be

On this pig where I am free

Altitudes where most lungs wheeze

It's where I can finally breathe

No gravity can hold me back

On the Pigasus, pig pegasus, I escape the wolfpack


They howl at me

Not the bacon that's my seat

They're hungry, and ignoring the snack

It doesn't matter they don't see

My Identity

They don't care who they have to attack


They don't like that I believe

In this pig they can't conceive

But all they need to do is look down

There are no flying pigs on the ground

While they ride on their horses and cars

I fly on my pig to the stars


Maybe it's not true

There are no flying pigs at the zoo

But I still love Mr. Blue

Pigasus, that's you

Perhaps you don't exist on this plane of reality

And maybe I'm on the brink of insanity

But then you'll be with me whenever I please

Reality be damned! Imagination? Yes please!


Away from the cynics

I'll have my own picnics

With other pig riders

And the pigs they've inspired

They believe

They conceive

It's not only me

There are more who are free

And our thoughts can now breathe

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