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piercing skulls you'll see living out your legacy mirror blend must look at the sea
there's part of me that doesn't want to die to self as years collide beneath the folly hide
mix some music into your mind seek out the savor of the walking blind onto another
bearded ancients coupled with a deafening way to see all the suckers bleed
night turns into day a beautiful flower display burning bridges in the sink
can't even wink to dismiss the earthly bliss with a time well spent in thought

reach deep stand still & repeat beneth the fallen star you will go far through oceanic peaks
deafening below the centipede marks the flow that bleed sit at the table and squeeze
smile if you got them learn to depend upon the branch that bleeds two fold in need
turn up the stereo take you to place you need to go cascading into the bush levee
table talk onto the extreme use a lot of body cream there's all kind of riddles we squeeze

each new day we seek to bury the hay through dozen of pots in the sink
braid the parlor in the sake of cream...
still sick below the underware our passion flows
building bridges...

sorry doesn't cut it you have been set to blow it
cherish in the mirror nestled onto its immediate appeal
look to me above the sea

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