The Pieces of My Personality

Why am I a wiriter and poet?

Because I find comfort in creative words;

Whether they are a beautiful figmentation of my imagination

or the ugly truth

soon to be heard.


Why am I a dancer?

Because I am physically free to do what I want and how I want to do it.

Whether it is jazz, bellydancing/wining, modern, or hip-hop,

I love to do them all and never want to stop.


Why am I an artist?

Because I love to draw and paint abstractly.

The blank white canvas comes to life with redefined existing characters

and constantly redesigned characters and creations of my own...

not to mention my abstract paintings will have your mind blown.


These talents of mine

these pieces of my personality

They allow me to be who I want to be:

Myself-- Rasta-Posh chick, sarcastic Ice Queen, self-proclaimed Dancehall Queen, Gizmo,

VampPrincess, The Cookout Legend, and The Dancer.


Marcus NERO Blackwell

You are an amazing writer, and by God we're going to endeavor on a Novel together. The way your words swing with a certain trill, captivating one into a whole story, even though its thirteen lines left. Im Marcus  


Thank you. I appreciate that.

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