Pieces of Me

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 23:39 -- Cjade

Despite the cracks in the mirror,

I can plainly see, 

On the other side,

I am staring back at me.


They push me down, 

I get back up, 

I know it's time, 

To brush off the dust.


Let myself out,

Break myself free, 

I will try to shine,

I will just be me.


I stand up tall,

I stand up brave, 

I watch them all

Within my cave.


The fire burning in my eyes, 

I can't give up,

I've gotta try,

I know there's more to life.


Broken before I break down,  

Falling back onto the ground. 

I want everyone to see, 

The many pieces of me.


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