I’ve fallen apart,

A million pieces in the floor.

Most of them are missing,

I can’t find them any more.

My pieces have been scattered,

And without them I can’t feel,

I wish that I could find them,

So maybe I can heal.

I can’t put myself together,

I’m a fractured mess,

I need someone to help me,

To make this weight feel less.

I’m trying to pick up the pieces,

But life throws them around.

I try to reattach them,

But my relief cannot be found.

Someone find my pieces,

This pain just will not end,

They’re scattered across the world,

To me strength someone must lend.

I want to find my pieces,

From the Charmer and the Star,

But both of them are gone now,

Life has torn us apart.

My pieces are all missing,

Someone find them where they lie,

I need help searching,

Someone please before I die.


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