She wasn’t trash nor the last slice of cakeon the dinner table at your friends gathering that was never touchedShe was a person shattering through the mirrorbecause all four pieces destroyed theastonishing caring girl she once wasShe’s trying and trying to put the pieces back in placeuntil that last special one gave up on herthe very endthat obliterated all her feelings into dust The first broken piece was her first boyfriendhe said he loved her like the way he loved the sound his shots swished thru the hoopsbut slowly and calmly it started to bounce awayShe asked herself “why did he promise a ‘forever’ when itreally meant’ never’?” Days later, the person she called herso called best friend was a manipulative liarShe used her secrets and made them repulsive and cruelIt hurt her as if two buildings were collapsing on her weakened bodyThe body that had already been hurt twicenot once Those two life striking pieces lead on to the uncle that used of her bodyas if she was a barbie dollthat can be touched in many ways She couldn’t stop of what was happeningshe was just a young girlwhat could she have knownShe told herself “ That part of me being loved and cared was dead.”  Yet, a miracle came along She fell in love with the most beautiful darkhaired girlThey fell for each other in slow stepsevery time they would be near the eye contact was strong and fairThey were both teammates Always saw each other on the court, but after they became a couple things revolved sofast, that contact was lost in a wave of a tideEveryone found out, theircommunication became low She was hurt, she didn’t want to be justfriends, she wanted the world with herIt torn her like a tornado was colliding with her, such pain and scars because the one thing that madeher happy was herShe was the only piece that kept her life together that fell... 

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