All you do is push and shove
“You’re so distant,” then you’d say.
Do you even want my love?
“Save it for a rainy day”

You say it should feel like this,
This Hatred. Sorrow. Passion. Repeat.
Isn't Love light, care-free, bliss
That breaks us out of this somber beat?

Can't think straight.
Can't stop fate.
Wouldn't want to if I only knew the end.

Can't rewind.
Can’t stop time.
But I brace myself for what's around the bend.

What does this mean,
This tragic mystery
Of hopelessness and torture and pain?

With a heart left bare,
I no longer care
To try when there is nothing left to gain.

Don't get me wrong,
I did my part
To sing the song
That broke my heart.
But don't you DARE
Think I didn't try
To stop the Crying. Dying.
Lying to myself,
To others
That I'm okay,
Just another day
In paradise.



Definetely loved the part

"Don't get me wong,

I did my part

To sing the song

That broke my heart"



Thank you! :)

I wrote this a while ago, but the original wording was a little different:

"Don't get me wrong,
I did my part. 
To sing the song.
To break my heart."

I was more into short, fragmented statements back then, haha.


Absolutely loved it! 

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