Wed, 05/01/2013 - 20:19 -- cstrum


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It's really quite incredible
How you never failed to love me
How when most people would just stop and stare
You were still there

You see what people don't know
Is that when I fell to pieces
You stuck around to pick up those pieces
Each and every one

You found the pieces that fell behind the couch
That melted off in the rain
You caught them just before they went down the drain

You sat down and took time with my pieces
You looked at them like a puzzle
And you worked on that
Messy, beautiful, complicated puzzle
Until the pieces fit together again
But you didn't stop there
No you wouldn't stop there
You glued them so they wouldn't fall apart again
So I could go on when you're gone

When you're gone
When you're gone
Now you're gone
And I'm supposed to go on

And maybe I can because
All my pieces have been put together again
All the little pieces

The piece of me that cries
The piece of me that laughs at your laughter
The piece of me that loves to sing
The piece of me that writes poetry

All the little pieces

The piece of me that tells little white lies,
"How are you?" "I'm fine."
That thinks and thinks and over thinks before I speak
That takes life a little too seriously

The piece of me that constantly fidgets
And cooks spaghetti
And can't dance
And puts on chapstick religiously
And wants to look pretty

All the pieces of me
Jagged misshapen

All the little pieces of me that fell apart
That fell behind that couch
That melted away in the rain
That almost went down the drain
But you caught them
You caught them and you lifted them up
Up up
You lifted them up
Uplifted - my pieces are uplifted

My pieces don't cry anymore
My pieces don't tell little white lies anymore
You smoothed the edges
And you solved the puzzle
You put back together the puzzle
You put back together me

And that's when I thought we
Would be we
But then you were gone
And it's just me
With all my little pieces
That you put back together
With all my little pieces
All my little pieces

Except you.


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