Piece By Piece

She wasn’t alive when you were finished with her

You ripped apart, piece by piece

limb by limb

until she was gone


You didn’t start with her heart

Like most would think

You started with her eyes

She loved to look at you

And you loved the attention she gave out

So you took her eyes

So she wouldn’t look at anyone else.


Then you seized her lips

Because every time she said those three words

You grew afraid she’d say them to someone else

So you took her lips and put them in your pocket

So she couldn’t speak to anyone else.


The list goes on

You took her ears so she would only listen to you

You took her fingers and hands so she could only touch you

You took her legs so she couldn’t leave you


And only then

You took her heart


With all of her love for you

You took her heart and put it in your Pandora’s box

You left her as a shell

With all of her assets in your pocket.


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