The piece of paper

So tell me again how a piece of paper makes his tears any less real.

Tell me how ink translates to all this blood shed.

A piece of paper gets so many buried in un-marked graves.

A piece of paper gets people beaten, battered, and bashed.

Words on a page force families to live in poverty.

A country founded from this cold opression and here we are no better than our opressers.

Numbers become more important than a human life.

We let them become nameless, faceless its.

We have become so numb to what we are doing.

It is has become the norm to break them down with our own words.

We are commiting verbal murder and yet it has become accepted as the American way! 

Americans have allowed ourselves to become bullies, agressors, and tormentors.

All these people want is to have a better life isn't that what the American dream is?

Don't we all want our children to be healthy?

Don't we all want to feel safe in our beds at night?

They are coming here for the same reasons we live here.

They are not stealing from us they are taking the abuse that we wouldn't allow.

We are all immigrants.

We are no better because of a piece of paper.

We should remember our humanity. 


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