A Piece Of Paper


A piece of paper determines your fate, whether you end up in the slums and out in the rain.

A piece of paper is the only thing holding me back, back from all the wonders I’ve dreamed and traveled over mountains just to see.

A piece of paper is what politicians say I lack, simply because I have the Virgin Mary on my back.

A piece of paper is why some people have success, while I get spat on and called a wetback.

A piece of paper is the only thing I lack, that’s why I have to mow the lawns and pick up the trash.

A piece of paper isn’t the only thing they demand, they demand I learn their language even though mine they’ve banned.

A piece of paper and a dream, it's why many people leave their homes and family’s behind, that with hard work they can live a better life and keep their heads held high.

A piece of paper, the only thing keeping me from living the Mexican-American dreams.


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