A piece of my mind

My emotions are tied in a box at the bottom of the ocean.

I only think for te benefit of others and that  should be a crime.

When my emotions ran free I saw bushes and trees

Flowers and bees and all sorts of pretty things.

Once I came across a cave, and those were the end of my childish days.

the sky became a ceiling of ivory instead of blue

and my time was filled with worries I never knew.

My dreams are never my own anymore

and I always feel like crying on the floor-

but no.

I will not get upset when my bushes become pens,

as my trees turn their leaves into paper

and all my pretty things are all distant dreams.


The box was in the cave.

It was all so strategically planned.

I lost it all at once.

So much happened before pandora opened that box.




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