Piece in My Ears

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 21:47 -- tward04


Water drifts forever more like an endless fountain without a homeAs it falls like rain to relieve the pain in our soulsWater crashing down into the rocks breaking and bending around themSlowing shaping us for the futurePassing the time down the linesWe sit and gaze out deep into the blue abyssI see the the beautiful seemingly endless skyWatching the water and sky transform from crimson to black and turqouise to greyForgetting the fears, the hate, the painfully relentless stressLoving ourselves and looking deep into the bad with no regretThe icey cold water falling across our eyelids and warms our soulsPeace flowing into my earFinally this soul finds its resting placeC. Taylor Ward 11/03/2012


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