A Piece of Cake

Wed, 07/20/2016 - 23:41 -- _jms_

She comes home from work sugar coated
With heavy eyes deflated like a failed bread bakers experiment
And I wait at the table
For her to come home

There's an ache to her bone
But a smile on her face
She smells like a bakery
But she hates eating pastries

Life knew this and it laughed at her face
Her pain was mine and I couldn't erase
The cringe in her smile when she left home at dusk
To bake a cake she didn't want any part of
But she had to anyway
Cause theirs bills and rent to pay

Her nail polish is all chipped and covered in frosting
She has everything in life to hate
The pain it's like the sweetest icing
But she eats it for me without complaint

And with eyes staring
She brushes her hands on her apron
With battle sprinkled hands
She gives a real fighters stand

Blueberry jam used to stain her eyes
But she left his house
So she wouldn't taste her own strawberry jam

And they still glare
Cause she broke the rules for us
A broken gingerbread house down a tyrant gingerman

And maybe one day I could find the strength
To take away the chocolate cake forced in her face
Bitter sweet with criticism and hate
But in this moment

Life knows she hates cake but life gives her a piece of cake anyway

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My family
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